before i start, look at these two pics…

don’t they look the same? ahaha, lucky, you look like your owner. BUT you’re cuter! i promise! (:

let me talk about sunday. went to church with timmy and had lunch. then we head off to funan to look for my charger. charger spoil, was kinda panick when the guy said they don’t sell accessories. have to go down to the service centre to buy but they didn’t open on sunday! bleh. nvm. then head back to his house and slept for a while. had dinner and walked lucky! haha it was fun!!

i had so much fun walking lucky and have tim by my side and watching him bath lucky was also fun! lucky is so cuteee! love him!! hahhaa.. i felt so touched when u sing to me ahhaha – the painter by o town. haha.. so nice! i cant wait to hear more from you. then we sing as we walked down to the mrt.. so sweet. haha. i love singing with you…

today, after sch had group meeting and met tim in sch. went to alexandra road to buy my charger and now my lappy is alive! haha thank goodness!

yupps, thank you tim for being such a nice man. haha, willing to accompany me down and buy my stuff. it’s so far! but lucky you’re here, if not my journey will be a boring one! and i just want to say i hope things will stay this way.. getting better and better of cos, as i could tell that we’re happier now. right tim? are you happy? hee.. i’m loving you more each day dear!

with love,



yups, two less lonely people tonight. haha. listening to air supply song. their songs are just so nice. i love it. my sister went for their concert. she was deciding whether to go for chris botti or air supply concert and decided on airsupply cos it’s cheaper and she said it was great. they are at their 50s and they still sing so well and so energetic.she said she’s very impressed.haha, i wanted to go for air supply concert as well but then where got money man. haha.

this morning,tim said that he got a last min duty to do so have to go back camp. i stayed home and do a bit of research and was listening to delta goodrem songs. oh man, she’s damn beautiful. if i’m a man, i’ll definitely fall for her. and she gives me an impression that she is someone who is strong and no matter what happens, she will still be able to face it and i think it’s very true because she suffered from hodgkin’s disease. it’s a cancer and she made it through and is now back to singing. i love her voice as well! ahaha… nice!  yeah..

so about 5 plus, went to bath and dress myself up! haha.. i’m going for a wedding. my cousin’s wedding BUT i’ve only seen her ONCE! that was when i was still very young. actually, usually i will feel happy and excited for the couple but this time round, i don’t feel much cos the couple doesn’t seem erm.. i don’t know how to say. the groom looks kidish.. haha. like still a playful boy, aiy. i don’t know la. just don’t feel it’s the right time for them yet BUT hey, who am i to say man. hahah!

but still, it makes me feel like holding a wedding now. haha.and i think for me, the best moment will be the part where i will walk in to church, down the aisle. choir group singing those beautiful hymns.. the readings, the psalm, the homily, the vows, the exchanging of rings everything thing that will happen in the church. i love it.i love each and every part of a mass. i like the feeling because church would definitely be a place where i will feel happy, very happy and relax…simply because it is the house of God. God’s presence is there. having to hold my wedding in church is such a wonderful thing that could ever happen. i must say that i’m happy to be a catholic.

God is love. 

with love,



a lovely evening…

June 26, 2008

today, class started at 11pm and ended at 5pm. Ms wee class was held today instead of tmr cos she had a meeting. and it is the second time we accommodate to her timing so therefore, she bought chips for us to eat in class. so sweet uh? the way she act never fails to make us laugh. (((: bettina the great, asked me to collect something from her dad at carpark, i was kinda puzzled but as usual, the blur desiree agreed.

and ….

my dearest honey was standing there.without looking, i knew he was holding on to flowers. favourite daisy! seven of them in total!! hmmm.. the moment i saw tim, i knew bettina was lying to me. HUR! okay la, not lying .. acting. a very good actress ! why ah? whenever you want to surprise sookjai, most of the time, you failed. BUT you can be a very good accomplice.  haha. anyway, thanks bettina the great! of cos, the moment i see him, whatever unhappiness are all gone. gone. goneee…i miss you so much though i was not exactly mad but yeah.. whatever.. 

anyway, i’m happy that even though i ignored you the whole of one and half day, you didn’t took my words seriously and leave me all alone. i admit though i really don’t wish to see you but i really miss you a lot. and thank you for putting the effort to come down to my sch and surprise me with the flowers. it was really a big surprise till i actually… hmm.. turned around and smiled(don’t know if you saw). you never fail to make me smile again and again. with all your nonsense and surprises. BUT you also never fail to make me angry. hee* but i know both of us are trying our best. (((: you said that there’s always a way to win my heart back that’s because i’m a soft- hearted lady, okay? hahaha.. bleh. i love you.((:

bleh, i asked bettina, if i spell accomplice correctly, she said this..

daddy’s girl says:
daddy’s girl says:

not fun one..

anyway, thanks to bettina, alice and anna for being there when i’m down, taking care of me. thank you guys!

okay, going off now. having a bad headache. peace everyone!



i’m sad…

June 25, 2008

cried ytd night because i wonder to myself, other than myself,dad and bro…who actually misses my mum&bro. does my aunt miss her? do they even remember when she left? i just finds it sad what if no one misses them. imagine, i’m dead (i really wish)& no one misses me..cry badly because i’m no longer by their side.

couldn’t get up on time eyes were so tired and sored. wasn’t feeling very happy today. i’m really not in a good mood.

i’m sad. i’m really really sad.

it’s dawn..

June 20, 2008

hey bloggie. it’s 6.02am now and i’m still wide awake. watching mickey mouse and having macs-big breakfast all by myself. i can’t sleep.. i wonder why. i guess yesterday’s cafe mocha at pcc was very powerful, that’s why i can’t sleep. even worse, i ordered tea. hais.. nvm.

probably, i’ll study.

tim must be sleeping soundly now..

Happily ever after…

June 20, 2008

alright,just before i start blogging, manfriend say he’ll buy me heels tmr! haha, i replied, you got a lot money dont know where to spend is it? ahha learn from hhaha, bettina. see hang around with her, learn so much bad things. haha!

well, today my manfriend woke me up by pressing the doorbell twice! :)) wash up and changed into my pretty attire *heehee and we walked to the hawker center to have some food and left to vivo. settle ourselves down in pacific coffee company, bought drinks and i started revising my work while he plays his annoying psp. studied about 2 hours, we left to newton food center to fill our tummies with food. it is my first time there and i really like it. the service is good and the food is nice! but it’s quite expensive, take for example the fried oyster! it’s six bucks and it’s not exactly very nice.. =P hahah. okay like so contradicting. but the chicken rice is nice. hahah! OHYAYA, read bettina’s blog. and was telling her we were so near yet so far. haha, cos i suggested going to habourfront food center to eat but in the end didn’t. and bettina and sookjai were there! haha.. and, i also tell her that the 4 of us could go to newton and eat together, share the seafood together and she was saying that both of them are craving for seafood so yeah, just nice. haha! we can all go together!! alice come also if the two of you want to eat seafood! OH WAIT! i remember annyeng say buddist cannot eat “SEAFOOD” haha!

okay so took many stupid photo with tim and we also head back to his house to watch a movie, happily N’ever after! ahaha not bad. quite nice. hahha, happy ending is also a new beginning! :)) haha…

these are some of the pics we took today!:))i had fun today.. studying.. thanks tim for the love note:)) i like it. and i enjoyed having dinner with you at newton food center. food was great,your presence was even better. the night ended off hmm.. well.. even happier when that u kept your promise today,never disturb me while i was study! *winks i love you honey !

with love,


Lovely lovely lovely…

June 18, 2008

hello! im so freaking tired. what have i been doing these days?! hmmm…. monday, went to kovan macs with alice to study for a few hours and head back home to do housework.dinner time, my bro drove to gardens to get dinner.followed him, i went chomps to get my wanton noodles and i bought 2 packets of fruit juices cos i was damn thirsty after all the mopping & sweeping of floor. after dinner, slacked all the way. hahah! and as usual, talk to  bettina. hahhaha! we talk almost every single day! so fun!

as for today, went to school to do group work. as usual, we were lost.totally have no idea how to do my projects. feel so lousy. but nevermind! we’ll work on it. and met my manfriend , went running at serangoon stadium and left to his grandma’s hse! ate a little and we went to JACK’S PLACE! i’ve been craving for my damn oyster. wah… think of it make me drool but guess what?!?! there’s no oyster today! shite! so sad know. so we just ordered a few dishes like the fish&chips, soup, cheesecake, 2 glasses of white wine and his favourite Escargots. glad he got his favourite food while i hmmmm??? hahhaa.. anyway, im thinking whether to get that pair of white shoes. hmm.. should i, honey? hahha… arghh..

anyway, im looking forward to this sunday cos i get to babysit my niece! wheeee.. she’s very adorable! i like!

kay, im going to bath now!

i love you, tim!

With love,



June 15, 2008

Great ! Alice is using wordpress now. woohoo! actually, may i know who really own wordpress?Anyway, if only the username i want is available in livejournal, i wouldn’t even wanna use wordpress.

sometimes, things happen for a reason or many reasons. BUT it’s always good to do some soul searching.

tired tired tired. have been doing housework so much that ive neglected doing my work !! man, meeting my group on wednesday and i have not touch on the powerpoint slides. im so dead. today is father’s day! HAPPY DADDY’S DAY!!!! i love my daddy very very much!

okay, i better go and iron my clothes.. will be back to update more.

June 11, 2008

very tired man.

just got home. thanks dear. though you’re tired, you still send me home. thank you. ily. :)))

anyway, had group meeting at 11am all the way till 3 plus. wasn’t doing a lot because we were all so drained out.i really don’t know how *her group can work. from morning all the way till evening. met my manfriend after meeting at yck station and we headed to lavender to walk around and then to city hall.

it’s ronald’s birthday! happy 19th birthday! we had dinner at Ding Tai Feng and we took several pics using the Polaroid cam. trying to figure out how to make the pics look nicer. haha. we all had fun, right? like what ber said, it has been so long since the last time we met each other. so i’m happy that we all gathered today.

Watched Sex and the City with Tim, Fernie, Gareth, Ber & Bryan. it was a last min thing so we have to strained our necks by sitting at the front row. BUT it’s a nice show. it is !!!! so catch it if you have not. it’s worth straining your neck. haha…

Bettina misses Jaden like crazzeeeee!!! she left me a comment saying ” come online leh, i want to talk to you. ” hahha.. i was back but i went to bath and she left. so sad. haha, never mind. FRI is cominggg… looking forward to that!

okay, freaking tired. going to KO soon. haha, spent a lot of money today so tmr im gonna try and save.

i love you, timmy. only you. :)))

With love,


woot, woke up late today. around 1pm. washed up and went to cook my lunch.instant noodle and hotdog. this instant noodle is very special one. cos it’s my dad’s style of cooking. hahah.. that’s why it’s nicceeee. yumyum.

then, i did something that i have never done before, throughout my 18 years + 6 months of life.. that is to WASH THE FREAKING TOILET !!!! Applause**** hahaha.. wah, damn tiring can. scrubbed the tiles, one by one, head got knocked by the sink several times, just pray that i won’t get any cerebral haemorrhage.wash the sink, the mirror, the walls, the shower thing, the tap. then finally the toilet bowl. my gosh. can you imagine, desiree heng washing the toilet. i’m so proud of myself man. finally, this idiot did something special. you know, miracle does happens once in a while. i think washing toilet can train my biceps. got muscle already.. whee u whee. hahah. it took me 1.5 hr to wash just one toilet. imagine i have one more to wash but i was too lazy to wash my dad’s toilet. i got backache already. NOW, i can fully understand  why alice complained that she had muscle ache the next day. ahhah! after drying the toilet.. i feel so satisfied man. and i’ve decided not to bath in my toilet but in my dad’s toilet. probably i’ll wash his tmr or thursday. i told bettina i don’t want to bath in my toilet and she asked me to do this….

a message from the toilet manager!

revised my work at around 4 plus. was very tired but i tried to study.

look this is YEAR 3!!!! so many lecture notes to be finished by AUGUST which is like 2 months more. All the best to all nursing students. haha :)))

alright, going out to buy tissue paper alr. damn, i feel so aunt. esp when i talked to bettina. cos she is very aunt also. telling me she needs to go and wash vegge, iron clothes. *roll eyes.

yayy! can’t wait for tmr to come! cos i’ll see my love ones AGAIN!!!!

Timmy, Fernie, Ber, Ronald (The Star for tmr!),Alvan, Gareth, Amos..( i’m not sure if these three guys are there BUT.. yeahh) haha! wheee.. happy happy happy!

With love,