July 30, 2008

just got home. super stress man. so many things to study! late for school today. took a cab down. by the time i reached, the lecturer was going through her LAST LECTURE! she’s fast ! within one hour, touch on 2 lectures. not bad. hahah, anyway, i learn a game, i dont wanna say it’s a trick cos i dont see a trick in it so yeah.. aiya whatever la.. it’s very amazing! hahah! you will think that desiree is a magician! haha!

okay anyway, i’m so so tempted to take up the psychology course in NUS. my father asked me what am i going to do after i graduate? i said study and work at the same time. he said why don’t i study and become a doctor? i’m like wah.. pa pa .. doc very difficult leh. and i don’t even dare to cut the patient.. even a procedure such as chest tube insertion, i’m like about to faint. how to become a doctor? but then again, i was thinking in the car.. wah if i’m a doctor.. then .. everyone will call me doctor desiree! hahahaha! so cool uh? okay anwyay , then i told my dad, in sch, we also learn psychology and it’s very interesting and i’m interested to learn more. and my dad said it’s a good course as well. can read people’s mind! hahaa.. then he went like.. if u see this person, you will know if he wants to rob or not. hahaha! anyway, yar… i’m so tempted to take up the course. hmmm?? how ah… but ah i heard and i feel that to become a pyschologist, your IQ and english must be damn good leh.. then my IQ and english also not say very good. hais.

anyway, went to the library borrowed some textbooks. gonna start studying now! byezz!!!

my ambition: i want to be doctor, a nurse, air-stewardness, hotel manager… etc.

hahaa, still remember when we were young, we love to write all these in people’s autograph book! haha!




Forever in love…

July 28, 2008

hello bloggie.

okayz i know i very long never blog already. have been really busy .. and finally settled down with just one last project which is on this friday and my major exams. exams starting on 14 aug – 21 aug and yes! i’m done with school! so sad, first paper falls on my birthday.. i prayed that i could do well for my paper so it won’t affect my mood. hahhaa.. hmm. so poly life is coming to an end soon.. and i would say that it has been a good 3 years. so many projects, exams, skill assesssments.. so many work to do and yet we all managed to pull through and i think that we all deserve a pat on our shoulder. it’s not easy but we made it. and seriously speaking, i think nursing is a course that cannot be finished by three years cos there’s just too many things to learn.  yupz, gonna miss poly life.. but well, at least i’ve been through it and life still goes on..

tim and i are fine. we’re happy and happy. hahha! we’re so in love with this song by A1 forever in love. hahah.. yesterday, i made him dance while i sing a long.. hhaha so kukuz the way he dance. have you guys ever heard of a song by A *teens – Upside down ? haha, during Primary 6, tim & I, together with our friends, we dance this song. hahah.. i can’t remember dancing this song together with tim man. hahha.. hmm.. celebrated tim’s mum’s birthday yesterday. it was a wonderful dinner …but expensive. we had seafood and orchid country club. yummyumm… tim and i gave his mum 2 roses, chomel’s accessories & tim bought the cake. quite lazy to upload pictures..hhaha..after the dinner, we went to tim’s bro hostel. he’s moving in there. wah.. i see him move to hostel and going to start uni life.. i also want! haha.. SIM ! here i come…

hhmmx quite lazy to type le.. don’t know what to say also.. haha!

A1- Forever in Love

Love leads to laughter
Love leads to pain
With you by my side I feel good times again

Never have I felt this feeling before
You showed me the world how could I ask for more

And although there’s confusion
We’ll find a solution to keep my heart close to you

And I now
Yes I know
If you hold me, believe me
I’ll never never ever leave

And I know
There’s nothing that I would not do for you
Forever be true
And I know
Although times can be hard we will see it through
I’m forever in love with you

Show me affection in all different ways
Give you my heart for the rest of my days

With you all my troubles are left far behind
Like heaven on earth when I look in your eyes

And although there’s confusion we’ll find a solution
To keep my heart close to you

And I now
yes I know
If you hold me, believe me
I’ll never never ever leave

And I know
There’s nothing that I would not do for you
Forever be true
And I know
Although times can be hard we will see it through
I’m forever in love with you

No need to cry
I’ll be right by your side (right by your side)
Let’s take our time
Love won’t run dry
If you hold me, believe me I’ll never ever leave

And I know
There’s nothing that I would not do for you
Forever be true
And I know
Although times can be hard we will see it through
I’m forever in love

And I know
There’s nothing that I would not do for you
Forever be true
And I know (oh I know)
Although times can be hard we will see it through

I’m forever in love with you…



Ups & Downs…

July 13, 2008

hello. haha. very long didn’t blog. hmm, let me talk about my week.

was very busy with projects and rushing of my products. finally one of my products is out already. i’m super happy and proud of it. tomorrow i have to collect my next product.

went jack’s place with tim and we had a FOC dinner. wahaha! cos we got 2 vouchers from my daddy. we only paid 15 bucks for the oysters !

acting cute.

obviously, this is Cute. 🙂

my favorite !! OYSTERS ~!~!

my steak!yummy!

his Chicken & fish! yummy !

our mango cake!

yeah. it’s FOC! ahhaa.. yummy! i’m waiting for daddy to give me more vouchers! hahah

on tuesday, it was my beloved daddy birthday !hahah… he’s 56 now! here are some pics.. his cake very nice! durian cake from goodwood park hotel. decided not to post my dad’s pic. private and confidential. hah

Friday, went out with bettina&sookjai and Tim. went to newton circus to have dinner and we got conned. bloody sucker! give him chance. don’t wanna put his stall number. imagine having your dinner at a hawker center that cost you $116.80.

saturday, went to collect my postcards. damn nice man. can’t wait to show my group members! after hanging around in bugis for a while with tim, head back to his house to study…

sunday which is today, went church.met ber, she gave me a choco and turkish delight. thank you. then head off to meet bettina & sookjai again. ahah! :)) cos bettina and i want to go for threading together. so met them at ps and had lunch at kfc. then walked to little india to get our brows thread. then tim and i decided to watch the same show as them. so we sat in front of them. the people beside bettina in the end never turn up. should have gone up to sit. anyway, we watch red cliff. it’s a very nice show plus i like zhu ge liang! hahah.

okay la. better stop saying about zhu ge liang. later tim ANGRY. hur~!

dinner @ newton circus                                          Lunch @ PS KFC


oh yes, friday was dresses day! ahha.. we look as though we are going to attend prom night. ahah! and we took many photos!

i hate the night

feeling very sad/disappointed/angry/i just want to end my life…

seriously, i hate everyone now.

i hate myself..

so much that i really want to jump down.

just sleep and never wake up.

if ever i’m under GA, i’ll definitely pray hard that i will never ever got to wake up again to face this ugly world.

people never ever try stand in other’s people shoe…

we can all complain.. and say all the things that we think we are right.

and that’s how ugly we are.

ninth month…

July 7, 2008


today is our ninth month! and he bought me this famous amos cookie lollipop yesterday which i can’t bear t eat BUT a greedy desiree will definitely eat it later. haha. hmmm, timmy is doing his 24 hr duty today.will be booking out tmr. still thinking if i should eat nihon mura tmr not. haha very tempted though.

today’s group meeting was fine. managed to do most of our work and my group members are very satisfied with the postcards design. so thanks to ritz. haha. and that RIDZ from my group is so annoying! he doesn’t believe that the postcard i designed, is done by ME! he said are serious? he facial expression was really like… i-can’t-believe face you know! and he said that is so google-ish. i’m so proud of my work! ahha! anyway, next is to wait for all the postcards to be completed and send for printing. hopefully, it will not take long. wheee~ and we were cracking our heads just to think of taglines and slogan for our project. we had so much fun laughing at each other.. liyan’s slogan was so directly translated…ridzwan commented that yuchan’s slogan is like saying that all of us came into this world by accident… i tell you, my group is just so nonsense. whatever slogan or anything that got to do with english, sure will get rejected by seettha. haha. she’s like our editor. hhhaha ~!i had so much fun working with my group members since year one! my group is efficient, smart and fun! hahah!

saw my neighbour’s baby boy. he is ten months old and he is so cute and chubby!!! gosh. very cute! and the moment he sees me.. he was so hyper !!! (maybe to him, i’m attractive) hahah! you guys should see.. he’s really smiling happily! and jumping for joy! the cutest smile i ever seen…

with love,