Be strong…

August 28, 2008

Be Strong.

Are you swimming upstream in oceans of blue?
Do you feel like your sinking?
Are you sick of the rain after all you’ve been through?
Well I know what you’re thinking
When you can’t take it
You can make it
Sometime soon I know you’ll see

’cause when your in you’re darkest hour
And all of the light just fades away
When you’re like a single flower whose colours have turned to shades of gray
Well hang on and be strong

Where taking each step one day at a time
You can’t loose your spirit
Let live and let live forget and forgive
It’s all how you see it
And just remember keep it together
Don’t you know you’re never alone

’cause when you’re in your darkest hour
And all of the light just fades away
When you’re like a single flower whose colours have turned to shades of gray
Well hang on, and be strong

No you’re not defeated
And soon you’ll be smiling once again
Then you won’t have to feel it
Let it go with the wind
Time passes us by
And know that you’re aloud to cry

’cause when you’re in your darkest hour
And all of the light just fades away
When you’re like a single flower whose colours have turned to shades of gray
Well hang on and be strong

(by fernie )

With love,



One Love Is All I Need…

August 25, 2008

hokay! so i shall start on friday..

so met up with bettina&sookjai, together, we went to watched the fireworks! haha, it was really nice and lovely! BUT just because we want to watch the beautiful fireworks, we have to wait for so long. listening and watching those crap entertainment. after which, we went to popeyes to have our dinner and we chatted all the way till 12am. bettina and i really laughed like mad at sookjai’s innocence-ness and tim’s crap & silly actions!we all had fun and we all learn something new everyday! the truth’s finally out- tim met sookjai 3 years back at thailand. shocking uh?

took night rider home with my honey. bettina and sookjai too. they took 3N while we waited for our slowpoke 6N! haha. and this slowpoke doesnt stop anywhere near to timmy’s house. so yeah.. nvm, we learn something new everyday! 🙂 ahha

on saturday…

woke up early, went down to comfort delgro to book my Final theory Test while tim and his friend went to SSDC to book their haha.. BASIC theory test. heehee. alright, so met tim at his place and rested for a while, actually , not A WHILE. is a long while cos i didn’t sleep much and i was so tired. wanted to go botanical garden but stupid weather , dont let me enjoy my holiday ! hur! so yeah, had a very late late lunch at sakura. Tim bought a winnie the pooh puzzle – let’s start doing the puzzle soon:) and we headed down to ps. and we happened to see a promo at best denki. promoting handphones where you pay by installment but requires credit card. So my sis got it for him today and he is happy 🙂 felt so sad when he was so sad ytd. anyway, he thought of making mushroom soup so bought the ingredients and went home.

i helped him with cutting the mushrooms while he was trying to fix the blender. it was fun cooking with him. haha. i’ll let the pictures do the talking…

well, all i can say is that the food was really great ! i love the mushroom soup just that is a lil too salty BUT there’s always room for improvement! ahahah… oh and timmy forgot to buy the creamer ! hahaha.. but without the creamer, it was still good! haha.. thanks honey for the dinner! and cleaning up was very funny and fun. funny because lucky was trying to walk but because the floor is wet, he can’t do his catwalk properly.. he kept sliding! hhaah.. damn funny and cute! oh so cute! i love him!

ohoh and before that, tim brought me to do manicure! and he chose red for me!hahaha!

as for today, slept in and had late lunch again with tim at mos burger. booked movie ticket – FATE- and i left to church while he rushed home to have dinner and back to ps to meet my sis to get his new phone! haha. after church, i went to my cousin house and my grandma commented that my hair is messy and she wants to cut my hair and i said no thanks! and when she saw my cousin’s hair ( nowadays, man are very modern as well, wants to keep long hair), she choked ! and i was like laughing and i told my cousin, see my hair, ah ma commented and say want to cut my hair. see your hair only, CHOKE! hhaha. funny la! left at 8.30pm to meet honey at ps again catch the show and it was nice. of cos nice la, cos got handsome guy SSS mah. haha!

alright, am going bathe and sleep. Goodnight everyone! peaceeeee:)))

I was put here for a reason
I was born into this world
And I’m living and I’m believing
I was meant to be your girl
In this life

With love,


Freedom timee!!

August 22, 2008


my exams are finally over. LAST exam paper for my whole nursing course ends yesterday and i really pray hard that i don’t have to take supp paper! yesterday’s paper was like quite tough, and i was having a terrible headache! i was crapping my SAQ for management all the way. hopefully, community health nursing SAQ could help me! MCQ i just hope i could pass. haha! anyway, just let me pass this exam and i’ll be happy. so, i finished my paper at 1.30pm, and in my mind, i was so tempted to leave the examination hall but then i don’t have the gut to leave. haha, then i spend my remaining thinking of ways to cheat! ahha. but i didn’t do it la of cos. i was thinking actually there’s a lot ways to cheat, like bluff the teacher say i need to change pad, then inside my pad is all the answers! hahaah..funny uh? ahha.

anyway, after the exam, everyone was like, YES MAN ! NO MORE PAPERS! actually, feel like crying while writing this post, cos it means that school has ended. and i’m really missing everyone- friends, lecuturers.. ahhah! missing school-block k, missing the food. hais. nvm. life goes on. ahaha..

so after exam, met tim. he came to school to wait for me. heehee. yeah. then we head to plaza sing to get our movie tickets. we watched money not enough 2. it’s been long since we enter the movie theatre  due to my exams. okay, so the show is like so exaggerating and the sound system was damn loud, making my head even worse. but overall, it’s a good show and i cried. even the daddy sitting beside tim was crying all the while! i really feel very sad when i watched the movie and it really make me think even more like am i able to really take care of my dad in future. i really love my dad and i don’t want him to ever leave me. and i really want to give him a good life that he deserved, i want to give him the best like how he did for me and my bro. but i’m really doubting myself. 😦

so halfway through the show, tim realized that he lost his phone. and my heart sank cos he used his first month pay to pay for his own phone and the phone is only 6 months old. poor boy. nvm dear ! you’ll get a better phone alright!! smile!! so the mum helped him to cancel his line and went to paragon to collect his new sim card. After which, we went to thai express to get some food. i had tom yum fish soup with rice and he got his usual curry soft shell crab! yumyum! but i was really having a bad bad heachache and in my mind, i kept worrying and thinking of my exam paper. was very sad la.

after dinner, tim asked me to wait for him for a while and he came back with a very huge sunflower! it’s very nice! and it really cheered me up a lot! THANKS HONEY! catched a cab back to his place as we are both feeling very tired and i am really not feeling well, down with fever and headache was bad. so he take care of me by giving me wet towel and sponged my head and neck. ahha! thank you.

some photos..

okays.. going to watch fireworks later with bettina and sookjai !! waiting for timmy to book out now! haha..

feel so relax.. wahhh!!

i would be the sunlight in your universe

With love,


Pleasant Surprise!!

August 15, 2008


wheee.. tim say i’m aunt now! hur! and beware, it’s gonna be a long post.

alright so yesterday was my very first paper. and i really studied like mad and at the same time, i was so looking forward for my birthday cos i know people are up to something BUT i don’t wanna think too much cos too high hope will bring me down further if it didn’t happen. WAHAH!

anyways, so where should i start?

okay let me tell you about my week..

yes,so i’ve been staying home, facing 4 walls all day and night and it’s really killing me! and seriously, imformation overload. and i’ve been puking 3 times in this week. is like i eat already i have to puke. but i’m not bulimic, that’s for sure. yeah, stress level is at the peak and i know it’s the same for the rest who are taking their exams too.

yups, soon wednesday night, i was like having a lot of feelings.. feeling of nervousness,excitement,happiness cos i’m turning 19 .. haahah.. wasn’t feeling well as well, head freaking pain. so decided to turn in at 11.30pm.

so at about 11.57pm, my first birthday message came in and it was from ber. hahaha.. so next was auntyvonne, then on the dot, 12am – my love sent me a sms and then he called and sing me a happy birthday song! haha.. it was damn awful.. making my head even worst! haha no la, just kidding. it was nice! haha..

so tim kept emphasizing that he is unable to celebrate my birthday for me cos he got 24hr duty to do. and i was like okay, it’s okay. ( actually in mind, i know your plan already dude. ) ahaha,  okay shall not be so bad. alright, so fell asleep. and i woke up around 8.15am and i checked my phone.. my darling didn’t message me telling me he’s on his way to something’s not right cos that’s his usual routine. but i console myself by saying, nvm, maybe he is still sleeping.  and next min, he told me he left his phone in bunk while he is doing duty. so fine.

at around 10 plus, bettina msged me. WHEN I LOOKED AT HER NAME ON MY SCREEN, i was like.. THIS GIRL! HUR! i was WAITING FOR HER TO MESSAGE ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINCE 12AM but i was wondering, how come this girl never msg me. how cruel! so i consoled myself again by telling myself, no it’s okay prob she’s asleep. the next morning, still never msg me. even her bf msg me already, she never ! even loretta,alice and james msged me already, she also never! then when i read her msg, she said that she had a dispute with her mum and wants to come over my place to study and promise she wont disturb. i was like oh.. no wonder never msg me but on the other hand, i was thinking maybe it’s part of their plan! but of cos, being such a nice friend, i said sure, come my house and study.

left home to go school, my dad wished me happy birthday :))) i love him many many. he is my best daddy ever! haha

reached school, sat on the floor and study. then came anna and alice, coming to me and say sorry didnt buy your present. i replied, it’s okay! study more important.and when i  saw bettina in school, she’s like so damn happy, like nv quarrel with mummy, so i console myself again, by saying, maybe she’s trying to be happy. then when i saw her opening up her bag, there’s only like ONE psychology lecture notes which is the exam that we’re going to take later on! so where’s her 3033 lecture notes!! haha, so nvm. maybe she smart, use my book. so yar.

– taking exam from 12.30 pm to 2.30pm- my stomach was like growling and growling cos i didnt had lunch. freaking hungry. but i have to tahan. exam paper was quite alright today. hopefully can get a B? haha .. i really pray. -fingers crossed-

so after exam, i didn’t see alice cos it’s very standard, you WILL NOT see her after exam one, cos she always leave before the exam ends. if you see her after exam, it’s a miracle. haha!

so bettina said that she’s hungry and wanna take cab to my place cos she very lazy to take train, feeling weak. so i was like hmmm? bettina say wanna take cab. first time sia. so fine… and then loretta, james and ridzwan left in a hurry, saying bye and happy birthday to me. so i thought they are going to rush to library to chomp seats so they can study.  ( never thought that they are part of the plan)

so.. on my way back home.. in the cab, the cab driver kept talking non stop.. and bettina said, my mother think i can travel so fast ah, ask me reach home already not? confirm ask me do housework. in my mind, didnt you quarrel with your mum? i was so tempted to ask her why did you quarrel but i didn’t want to cos i was afraid i cant help her much but on the other hand, i don’t wanna spoil the plan, put her in difficult situation.hahah! so reached my house, she asked me .. who’s home? i say my aunt la! then she oooh….

when i was about to open my door, to be frank, i was quite nervous actually. ahahhaha! is like, i dont wanna be disappointed ! hahaha.. so when i opened my door, i turned to bettina, so many shoes leh… and they looked damn familiar! this pair of shoe looks like james one! cos damn dirty!  this shoe looks my group member’s one.. and i heard noises.. hahah!

there they are, timmy, fernie, alice, james, loretta, ridzwan & bettina! they sang birthday song for me and took pictures! ahaha, i was really happy ! i really didn’t expect alice, james, loretta and ridzwan to be there so fast! and didn’t know that they are part of it! and i’m just happy that they made the effort to come down to celebrate for me even though it’s exam period, and happy also cos fernie is there as well ! making the effort to travel down to my house and plan all these with the rest ! and of cos, timmy took leave just to celebrate my birthday. he said that cos of this leave, he cannot take any mc! so sad. i feel so bad know. but i also feel so happy. so thank you guys for celebrating my birthday, making it a memorable one!

ohoh! then came the late comer! haha. RONALD CHAN! ahah..

tim, ber, fernie, wanjin and i  had dinner at aston’s at the cathay . and they love the food. i’m glad to hear that. and there again, another small suprise from tim. he went to buy another small piece of cake cos ber and wanjin weren’t at my place so he specially went down to buy cake so they can have a share of the cake! how sweet ! but it was funny cos i sorta know what he’s up to! and fernie is damn cute in assisting tim.

Went to SGH with tim to visit his grandma and like what tim had said, she doesn’t look like she had undergone an op. she’s so lively and she’s like so happy that she can move her fingers! and i’m glad that everything is okay for her! take care !!

timmy & his mum gave me a pair of heels from charles & keith, and it really looks damn nice & pretty! and i’m falling in love with it each time i sees it!also, the roses! i love it man! it’s so nice! ahaha… hahah. so thanks hun & aunt adeline! 🙂 -loves!

Ber & Fernie my two bestfriends – they got me winnie the pooh birthday card and is so damn cute plus also, bought me a top from topshop and it is so my style! ahah.. and it is RED in colour ! thank you girls ! haha. thanks for the friendship and our friendship will grow grow grow till we grow old. then we’ll be sitting around the void deck, peeling tou yah.. and talking nonsenses every min & sec.

Wanjin – bought me a lipgloss from victoria’s secret! ahha thank you !! i’ll make sure i’ll use it! loves!!! & thank you for the birthday card !!!

Alice,Anna, Bettina, James, Loretta & Ridzwan – they bought me a beach bag from island shop and i simply love it as well!ohoh! and they bought me a TY elephant! loves loves loves!  thank you guys!!  and i just wanna say, thanks for the friendship and i wish u guys all the best for your exams and may we all be able , no no no, we will all graduate as a class and be a good staff nurse! :)))))

Tess- thank you girl for the wonderfully drawn present! it’s really nice! thank you for the taking out time to do my present though it’s exam period. and like i said, i want to graduate without leaving the sch with bad memories so let’s do something to make things better! :)) i miss you too.

thank you people for the messages as well like sookjai, yongwen, dickson, eeshan, aunt adeline and i cant remember who else but yeah, no matter what.. thanks a million! wheee..

a msg for tim,

so yeah, thanks for the WONDERFULLY PLANNED birthday surprise with your accomplices. hahaahah! it’s a damn funny surprise! and like what i told fernie, i feel like i’m part of the plan and my role is to act as blur as i can. wahhaaha.. anyway, i can tell you spent a lot, in money and in energy. so thank you, once again. and also, thank you for being so understanding during my exam period. i will pay back my time to you so dont worry. and thank you for doing your best to make me angry so you can succeed in your plan. hahha. and thanks for everything ! whatever i wanna say, i have message you already so i shan’t repeat myself again. i love you, TJ.


with love,




went to Ber’s house to have lunch. Her parents prepared quite a few dishes and they were delicious! my fave KONG BA PAU!  yummmy! haha, actually, i wanted to leave after lunch but i don’t feel like leaving cos i want to spend more time chitchatting with my best friends ! haha, had one round of mahjong with Ber&Byran & Ronald. though, i dont really know how to play but fun! haha. left around 4.30pm.

Poor alvan having field camp, Poor gareth, he’s hospitalized in CHG. he’s down with pneumonia. Hopes he get well soon! God bless you Gareth! Poor bryan got to book in for field camp! hahha.. poor NS men EXCEPT for RONALD CHAN & TIMOTHY ONG! Slackerzzz! hahaha…

so came home and watched the national day parade. ahah! last year, what i like about the parade was the helicopters!! they bowed to the audience, remember? this year, i love the black knights ( is it called black knights? ) whatever! they drew a heart shape in the sky. it’s BEAUTIFUL. Sadly, tim wasn’t on time to watch that with me. haha.

i would name this Sky Of Love. hhahah!

went aston’s to have dinner around 9 pm plus.. and now i’m back home!

i missing tim, very much. i want to have him around me but then due to the sentence i have to serve — STUDYING!! i have to be all alone!

i hate studying! i hate exams ! it causes me and a lot of people to have stress! it kills a lot of our brain cells ! hur!

but nevermind, for that piece of paper and for my future… i have to JIAYOU!


right, so i’m done with HS 3107 & HS 3033. gonna start a recap soon and start my3106. gosh! i’m dying!

With love,


feeling kind of lost now.

i do not know how to explain it in words but this feeling is strong enough to make me breakdown.

probably, the stress that i’m experiencing…is one of the factors.

anyway, two more days in sch and i’m so gonna miss it badly.

and the person i miss especially the most is of cos, none other than bettina tan!

just a short message for you, my dearest sister!

yups, so i never expect that we will become so close! close till there’s like 0mm space. hahah!

really thankful to God that he have sent you to me, or else, i really don’t know how to survive my boring school days.

so just want to say that, you are indeed someone worth making friend with and i’m happy. you never fail to be by side all the time, detect any ABnormalities in me( sound so nursing), crack lame jokes ( though it can never beat mine.. whahha! )

and like what i’ve posted in friendster, i’m gonna use it here again…

i’m so gonnna miss having you by side, sitting by my side during lecture..

i’m so gonna miss laughing with you ( your laughter is like a trumpet !!)..

i’m so gonna miss gossiping with you.. ( we can always do that on msn… hahah! )

i’m so gonna miss going toilet with you.. ( then u fart the loudest !.. ahah true/false? of cos is.. FALSE LA)

i’m so gonna miss having lunch with you… ( our fave: Laksa yong tau foo/ Tomyam ban mian!)

& of cos i’m gonna miss the waiting time.. ( cos you eat damn bloody loooooonnngggggg…. this is so true!)

i’m gonna miss running away from medic awas like today! hahaa.. ( then in the end, usually, i’m the one getting caught! )

i’m so gonna miss taking pics with you.. ( our BEAUtiful smiles..)

i’m so gonna miss walking out of sch with you.. then we will try to cut lane, laugh so loudly like we’ve never laugh before..

i’m so gonna miss your ears cos they listen so attentively to me, be it my sorrows, lame jokes, happiness..

i’m so gonna miss your hands cos they help me tap card ! ( thanks bettina’s hand )

i’m so gonna miss going out with you and your another half as well… hahaha!

i’m so gonna miss you disturbing me.. ( FIRST CLASS PIG..hhhhaah this is not true. )

I’m so so so gonna miss everything about you!

yes, it’s our final lap. so i just want to wish you all the best in your exams and pass out as a staff nurse!

a staff nurse full of love, kindness, peace, compassion and every other thing that a nurse should be and i believe that as time goes by.. you will become a good and experienced staff nurse who will teach her juniors the right thing to do and not look down on them like what others do. So never give up!

i love you bettina!

i’m so looking forward to the day when we are going to wear this attire again! and it’s for REAL !

and lastly, i know it’s such nice posting but still..i wanna end off by saying