Calling for Dr. C.k lee*..

September 22, 2008

heylo! i’m back to blog. Hee. alright, these four weeks of holiday have been fun and finally, back to serious work.

okay, let me summarise how i spent my holidays and then i’ll talk about my A&E posting today.

so, these four weeks i’ve been sleeping very late at night and i was kinda worried that i can’t sleep in early and get up on time when attachment starts. ahah. had four lessons of driving lessons and i would say i am a little bit more confident now although at times, i’m still quite lost and timid. haha! many funny conversations i had with my instructors. heee.. i can’t wait to get my license man.

and during this holiday, got to plan both my besties birthdays. haha. anyway, i had fun planning. and i’m glad that fernie likes her birthday surprise this year! haha. oh oh! on saturday, ber,bryan and ronald went to play the reverse bungy and the other one which i dont know what is that. omg.. so brave la! haha.. feel like playing as well but yeah, i’m scared! and then, i saw enuice. haha! she also played. and she got her second ride free because she wants to be the pilot but heehee.. she got TRICKED! silly girl ! this is to tell you never get free ride. haha!

There are so many movies coming out soon. i wanna watch a lot of shows!! aha. talking about movies, i’ve watch wall e with fernie and tim. it’s a nice show and i almost cried! haaha. i love wall e! haha. oh oh! and there’s this small cute little vacuum cleaner that goes ard cleaning the area that’s contaminated. haha. so cute. i think hospital should have this cute little thing so can lessen the cleaner’s workload. But i think the machine will just die within an hour. ahah! cos everywhere is like so contaminated. haha!and i’ve also watch mama mia! ohmhgosh, i dont mind watching again! it’s really nicee and funny and i love this show a lot. and i cried. *sobsob. i want to buy the dvd when it’s out! haha.

turned in at 9pm last night because im afraid that i couldn’t get up but i did! and i’m so proud of myself. meet hanisah and james before going in to the A&E. haha.. the nurse lead us the way to the tearoom.. we’re like OMG. we need a map. aha! it’s like a maze, my friends. haha! and i was like so giddy. haha. so met the clinical instructor and we start of by doing all the paperwork. AND YES! we get paid for this A&E posting.ahha. though it’s only 50 bucks BUT this is the SECOND TIME i got paid since year one. the last time we got paid was in year one la. so damn pathetic. but still, PRCP is like zero dollar. haha.  whatever. 50 bucks is better than nothing. yeah.. and we had 3 test that we have to be assess and pass before they allow us to do it  independently in ED. they are the Blood glucose monitoring, urine combur 9 and 12 leads ECG. it’s all the ward stuff that we did la.. but they want to test us then not bad lo. haha!  so the CI go through the visions and mission and all the expectations..blah blah blah and we went on a tour in big man! yup.

so for today, hanisah and i ( only the both of us got this chance)  are assigned to the minor OT where all your simple dressing, T&S are done in here. each time, there’s, from what i’ve observed, only 2 patients at one time. and there’s only ONE nurse and whoever the doc is suppose to attend. the waiting time for the dr to come is like damn long. super long… you can wait up to 30 mins to an hour or so. haha! and the poor staff nurse have to keep reminding through the mic twice or thrice.

so after lunch, hanisah and i went in and this dr asked me to helped him by holding on to the patient’s head to prevent him from moving while he’s cleaning his head and suturing. the pt’s is old and he had a head injury. while i was holding the head.. i started to get dizzy and when the dr left the OT for a while, i asked hanisah to take over. haha! cos i feel like fainting and vomiting! i couldn’t t take it. but subsequently, i start to feel better. there’s a lot of suturing to attend so from there, i got to train myself up by forcing myself to see the suturing process without having to feel dizzy. yeah. aha! did a simple dressing in the minor OT.

as for tomorrow, i’ll be assigned to the consultation room so yeah. can’t wait man. really looking forward to my everyday now cos i will be learning new things. haha. actually, i’m happy that’s im able to pass my day well today. the am and pm nurses are nice. and based on today, i could say i don’t mind working in ED. but then, it’s too early to say as well. haha!

Among all hospitals, TTSH ED is the most busy ED due to the strategic location and as you guys know.. we receive all sorts of cases. and according to the CI, mondays and weekends are the most hectic one. yeah. haha! working in ED, i guess time passes fast?, so that’s a plus plus point. but some nurses couldn’t take it because we’ve got to learn to adapt fast enough to changes – so this is one of the factors which i am unsure of if i can do it.

With love,



Quote from daddy’s girl’s dad.

”The good that you do is always forgotten tomorrow, do good anyway.”

Happy 11th months, timmy ((:

though 11 months is not very very long but i must say, we really went through a lot together. there are many obstacles between us. obstacles that we need to learn to handle, learn to solve it. when i think of it, it really makes me sad because i really wish and praying hard that all these unhappiness between us will disappear immediately. but then again, if it is not because of all these, we wouldn’t have learn about many valuable lessons like learning to compromise, respect one another, to forgive one another, to say sorry, learn to trust and of cos, learn to love with all our hearts.

i know my flaws and i want you to know that i’m trying my best to improve myself. i know that there are many times where i really pisses you off, make you really angry at me but you still give in to me. deep down in my heart, i know it. i know you love and care for me and that you will do anything just to put a smile on my face. and i know that, even if i’m at fault, you will always be the first one to say sorry, take the blame.

in my eyes, i see you as someone who is loyal to family & friends, [the way you always try to make the people around you laugh ( but sometimes, people mistaken you as being rude.) the way you care for your grandma, your mum.. i know that you’re a good grandson and son.]  and  one who will take responsibilities  for his own actions. when i think back, i’m really happy to know that there’s someone out there who loves me so much and is willing to go through so much just to be with me. and of cos, we do have our happy moments as well. i do enjoy watching and helping you to cook, exercising with you, watching movies, whining to you, sharing good foods together, walking your cat, cleaning up your house with you & your mum, tidying up your room, taking many pictures with you and many other things. i’m looking forward to sharing many more happiness with you and i don’t want happiness to go away.. i still want to hold your hands even until we grow old, even until the day i die.

and there’s one thing that’s im really happy about this week is that you keep up to your promise and i really pray that it’ll stay this way cause you and i don’t want anymore unhappiness.

i love you, i really do.

with love,


1 Litre of Tears…

September 4, 2008

i’ve started watching 1 litre of tears today and it is a real sad show plus it is based on a true story in Japan. It’s about a girl,15 years old diagnosed with Spinocerebellar Atrophy ( A disorder in the brain). It is got to do with your spinal cord and cerebellum. the coordination of movements are controlled by your cerebellum, so the ‘wasting away’ (atrophy) in this control center results in a loss of coordinated movements and atrophy in the spine can cause spasticity.  Symptoms are slow but definitely progressive. At the start, people who suffer from this disorder will experience loss of coordination in movements, speech impairment, deformity of the spine, paralysis of the lower limbs. this condition has no cure at all. So this girl managed to live up to age 25. The doctor suggested that she should keep a diary and so she did. and she started to write till the day she could not hold a pen. and the title for her diary is 1 litre of tears…

while watching, i had a bit of thoughts in my mind.. i wouldn’t say i fully understand ( because i’ve not been through it) but maybe slightly understand how hard is it for parents to accept that their child is sick. From the moment the child is born, watching them grow, giving them the best that they can just to keep them safe and healthy. all they wish for for their children to be happy and healthy at all times, doing their best in life, do what they love to do so long as it is something that’s meaningful and to have self-love&respect. But at times, things just don’t go the way we want it to be.and this brings me back to the past when my brother was sick. back then, i was still young but now i know,it must have been hard for my parents to accept the fact, what’s more my bro was still very young.. and he is the first child. it must have been hard for them to break the bad news to him as they are afraid they might hurt him. and i believed that they tried their best to find the best doc/med/cure for him. but of cos at this point of time, prayers, love, patience, support,encouragement,have faith in God are all that we need.. ((:

haven’t been blogging since don’t know when.. though i’m free but i’m lazy. how i wish my attachment starts now but then again, i don’t want attachment.. so far, some of my days are good, some of my days are boring. but nevermind, there must be a balance right? Driving was okay and fun. AUTO’s the BEST !!! for slow learners like me! who can’t control manual that well. tons of funny conversations i had with my’s funny but he can be sarcastic which i don’t like but i have to bear with it.

i cant wait for tmr cos i will be stepping OUTTA MY HOUSE~!! (eh, not cos i’m meeting tim uh? ) hhahaa.. alright la, let me re – say what i’m supposed to say.


my sassy girl, tmr!