Memories That Remain..

October 9, 2008

alright. it’s been long since i’ve last blog. BETTINA! not doing her job. she supposed to remind me not to abandon my diary. ahh!

okay, having my one week break now. After two weeks of posting (A&E and OT). all i can say is it’s fun. as for OT, i would say that now at least i know what patients are going through behind the doors. ‘cos usually, in ward, you only get to send patient down to the reception area and fetch them back/wait for them to come back after op. so now, i’ve a complete picture of what the patient has gone through. Certain cases are quite sad such as below knee amputation..but some cases are interesting! haha, i’ve seen major cases like removing the kidney, gallbladder, appendix & blood clots in the IVC all at one shot. my gosh. the surgeons and the scrub nurse have to stand for like 5 hours?  And during my OT posting, i’ve manage to scrub a case ( better than nothing). wanted to scrub more but due to the large number of students and mostly, major cases, we’ve got to give chance. so yeah. it was a good experience being a scrub nurse but it wasnt good having to work with surgeon who likes to attract attention and trying to be COOL. my gosh. piss me off like mad. HUR!

okay so that’s a summary of my attachment. and of cos i was waiting for this week to come because it’s my break and it’s my first year anniversary with tim. ((:

yeah, so 071007 was the day !

we watched House Bunny – it was really funny. the girl is very funny, nice and quite dumb but very funny la.hahah. i still remember she said something like “i didn’t know that steam could be that hot” something like that. she looks like a doll to be cos her eyes like so huge.

after the movie, we walked around cos we’re waiting for 5.30pm to come cos we’re going to Paris International for BUFFET! haha. i think the only bad thing is i didnt like the dessert area. there isn’t much variety for the chocolate fondue and their cakes are not fantastic. BUT the food are great. the oysters are huge and nice, prawns, mussels.. (i’m hungry!), sashimi, tuna. okay one thing about the jap food is that there isnt much variety of sushi but for me is good enough because you get to whack the sashimi-that’s my favourite.  there’s western as well and chinese food. the salmon fried rice is nice, there’s chilli crab with the MANTOU! my favourite! there’s gyoza as well. ohoh, they also had this crocodile soup which i didn’ dare to eat but the soup was great. i think it’s worth the 45 bucks- that is if you eat like TIM. yeah. hahah! and i can’t wait to go back there again cos i want to eat more oysters and my mantou ! haha. and im freaking hungry now as i’m typing.

pictures time!

while waiting for movie…

Dinner @ Paris International

Singapore Flyer

yes.. that’s our beautiful special day! and thank you tim for treating me to take the flyer! it was of cos a very wonderful moment with you up there! and it was nice having dinner with you..the way you eat, every expression you give upon eating the food, whacking the seafood.. oh gosh. hope you dont get too fat! hahaha. thanks for the surprise though i guess it correctly! hhahahah.. and thank you for planning the day. next anniversary.. hmm stay tune alright? my turn to plan! i hope you like video i did for you. every year, you shall receive one .. on our wedding, we’ll take it out every single cd! hahah that is if i am able to burn it. haha! i love you. ((:

With love,



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