Are you the hero of my dream?

October 11, 2008

woke up at 10am today.
TIm came over and after getting ready,
took a cab down to marine parade to have brunch – pork porridge!! yummy!
so long never get to eat my favourite pork porridge with youtiao!

After brunch, went to parkway and walked around to digest our food, wasted 6 bucks in the lousy arcade with stupid games and lousy machines.

Headed to ECP – tim cycled while i blade. Took some pictures – waiting for tim to send me on sunday.
blading is fun fun fun! haha, i had fun blading and i’m sure tim had fun cycling behind and beside me! hahaa..
We held each other hands while blading and cycling! haha, wanted him to blade too so can hold his hand.. but he didn’t want to- then he said, see! cycling also can hold you hand! hahaha..

After 2 hours of cycling & blading, we went to mac to have little snack – wasabi shaker fries. hmm not too bad but we still prefer the seaweed shaker friees!hahah…

Went to his church to wash up, but before that, chatted quite a while with aunt lynda ( should be spell correctly bah). she’s funny and friendly and she’s cute. haha…

Dinner at the same place but different dish. we had chicken rice! whee and chicken feet! after which, headed his home and it was really a long ride.. there were a lot of people, squeezing like mad. bus driver got irritated..and finally! got home and watch tv! ahaha.

tim is going back camp soon and i miss him badly. i feel so lonely.

first half of my day for tmr will be at SGH for this Mass Casualty Management. I wonder how is it like.. hope it’s fun – so i wont feel that it is a total waste of time cos im going to get up at 6.15am and that’s damn early! so they better not waste my time or i’ll eat up all their food! ( and that is if there’s reception, HUR!)

okay, going to sleep now.

timmy, hope you’re sleeping well now.. and take care alright? you look sick just now. drink lotsa water and Goodnight, my sweetheart! ❤ love!

With Love,


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