October 20, 2008

teacosy by Eclectic Attic, is a charming place where tim & i would definitely love to hang out whenever we have the time. It’s a vintage shop and there’s a cafe in it. Everything you see in this shop is for sale! Even the seats that you sit on for your tea is for sale! hahaha.. tim brought me there yesterday and the moment i stepped into the shop, i totally fell in love with it. it feels comfortable to be in there, quiet and peaceful.
Not just the deco that’s nice, the food is great! for me, i love my chocolate lovers taster! it has 2 almond chocolate biscuits with chocolate sauce, nutella gelato, and three chocolate cakes ! my gosh! heaven man! as for tim, he ordered his all time favourite, Foie Gras Taster. It’s goose liver and it’s nice. That’s Heaven for him. ahaha, plus, i think it is better to go there and drink tea instead of ice mocha or hot chocolate. too bad, i ordered Mocha. but anwyay, if you’re a tea person, you should go there! tim & i both enjoy drinking tea so it’s definitely a place for us. he had Rose Blossom Tea which smells good. Haha, he took out the rose buds out from the teabag and put it into my bottle and the person thought he ate it up! :/ hhaha, anyway, did i mention? the seat that i was sitting on, it’s a cow skin bench and it costs $1,080 ( if i never remember wrongly). hahaha! ex man! ahha.. anwyay, it’s really a nice place and i really want to go back there again!

and i’ll definitely order a cuppa tea!

Tim! let’s go back there soon!

Promise, will not frown when you choose not to go gelare!

‘Cos i know you bring me to nice and romantic places!

I Love You !

With Love,


One Response to “teacosy…”

  1. happygem Says:

    my lil sister looks cute with her bangs!!! ((:

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