Gonna Strive hard…

November 4, 2008

hey all.
i’m back again to bloggg!

Okay, so friday was my last day of attachment at ward 9C. And now, i’m having my 1 week break.
So i’m gonna make full use of it by enjoying and also at the same time, recap on orthopedics stuff because i’m posted to an orthopedic ward. it’s not my cup of tea but since i’m there, i’m gonna tell myself that i’ve got to learn to like it! and also, i think, at the moment, there’s only 1 thing that motivates me to work hard in the ward is getting the chance to go ICU. so desiree, AZA AZA FIGHTING!
& to james, i know you also didn’t get your favourite choice but no matter, work hard as well!
And to all, ALL THE BEST FOR PRCP and pls, take good care of your body and if in stresss, pls talk it out or find a way to relax yourself. i’m sure everyone is gonna do well.

Monday- Spent my day with my Lamer’s Clique! ahah, gosh! i had so much fun and i really hope you guys had fun too! so as usual, when all of us gather, everyone just talk non stop and of cos, take many pictures like there’s no tmr! haha! went e2max and watch movie and we also went to take neoprints! so cute right? haha, pictures can go facebook to see! or you could go to bettina’s blog. will not elaborate further as you can read from her blog as well! ahhahaah! bettina is the editor of the club, i would say. ahhaah!
the girls wanted to paint their nails but unforturnately, the person said the the manicurist and pedicurist aren’t free. :(((
met tim after that and we sat down and just chit chat and had chocolate tgt. :))

Tuesday-woke up around noon time and slack at home.. met bestfriend in the evening to catch High School Musical. it’s a nice show.. and they are good at dancing. could see that they sure had fun filming the show and while watching, i was thinking how nice it would be if i could dance and sing with them as well! ahha. that would be so coooooooooool.:))

tomorrow, im going to send my bestfriend fernie off to korea! i wanna go too cos i dont want go prcp! hahhaha. anyway, enjoy yourself girl! when you come back, better study hard! hahaha. have a smooth trip there and back again! i’ll miss you. LOVE YOU GIRL! XOXO

and i can’t wait for thursday and friday cos i’m going sentosa to watch the 4-D magix and friday im going to nihonmura! wheee and of cos im going to see tim – that’s why im happy!

with love,


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  1. happygem Says:


  2. happygem Says:

    new way of looking la, desiree. HAHAHAHA.

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