Loving & Forgiving Are You.

December 20, 2008

hello all..

it’s been a long time since i last blogged. heex.

alright, went for Jason&Anne’s wedding today. sweetsweetsweet! once again, CONGRATS! God Bless the both for you! :))

Saw Camillus, BoQuan, Jonathan today at the wedding. It’s been such a long time since i last saw them as well. After the wedding mass, went down to ycs end of year camp together.and we all, the tertiary ppl, had a chit chat session. it was great talking to you guys and it really brings back a lot of wonderful memories i had with you guys. seriously, the friends i made in ycs are really the people i love and i will not forget.

finally have my off after working for 7 days straight. it was so tiring. especially when i had only 1 afternoon and the rest of my days are morning.even afternoon shift was busy … so far, my attachment is still going well. already getting the hang of it.. but of cos, there’s always something new each day for me to learn. haha..

nothing much to update.. hmm, xmas is coming.. and i can’t wait to celebrate xmas! but the dress that i bought online from F21 is like so freaking loose.. and i doubt i can wear it for xmas :((

Loving & Forgiving

Loving and forgiving are You, Oh Lord.
Slow to anger, Rich in Kindness
Loving and forgiving are You.

All my being, bless the Lord
Bless the holy name of  God
All my being, Bless the Lord
Remembering the Goodness of God

God forgives us all our sins
Healing those who live in pain
Saving us from final death
God fills us with goodness and love

Good and gracious is the Lord
Slow to anger, Rich in love
God remembers not our sins
Forgiving and loving is God

As Heaven soars above the earth
So great the love for God for us
As far as  east is from the west
The Lord takes our sins from us

With Love,