registered nurse.

April 6, 2009

haha. i know.. i know what bettina wants to say.  finally, the cobwebs and the spiders are gone.


so 2 months of holidays are over.
and now… i’m going into a new chapter of my life..

i really wonder if  i can make it. i’m really doubting myself.
somehow, whenever i put on the uniform.. i just feel so burden, fearful….
everything i do, i’m accountable for it. and that feeling sucks.

so it’s my first day of orientation.
CI Lian Xia welcomed me with such a cheerful smile! haha.. i like her. she’s nice and cheerful..haha.
yupp. so when i looked on the board to check where im being posted to.. i saw 12D. hmmm not much of a happy feeling but rather, i feel that i’m safe. cos at least im back to my prcp ward, im familiar.

anyway, i really hope everything goes well and that by 10 years down the road..
i’ll be able to acheive what i want.

Oh yes, i’m happy to see Loretta today. 🙂 as well as hanisah, my honey star. *winks.

i think it would be so much better if Loretta and I are in the same working area.

well maybe i should just start thinking about the positive side.. and just work hard.
and like what SN Karen said to us today, whatever we do, think of the rationale. why are we doing this?  if the rationale is there, you will not go out of track.

With Love,


One Response to “registered nurse.”

  1. happygem Says:

    i see the cobwebs forming up again.
    oh, loretta’s too.

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