i’m on pm shift this whole week except for wednesday..on course.
well, good that i can sleep at this hour and wake up slightly late and get allowance
but the bad are i will go home late..boring life..

having insomia? i dont know.
i guess i’m proud to say that i’m the strongest person i ever met.
i guess someone have to teach me how to cry…

haha, okay im to R.O.C now.. relac one corner. and just stone till i get sleepy…

please believe me for these words i say are true
and don’t deny me a lifetime loving you
and if you ask, will i be true? And do i give my all to you?
then i will say i do.

With Love,


i want to be happy with all my heart…
i want to be really cheerful, just like how i used to be.

it really feels terrible..
having to bring a heavy heart to work, and yet putting on a wide smile for 8+ hours..
having to learn to put personal issues aside,
having to hold back my tears..
and when it’s time to go home..
i really feel so lonely and empty..

i really don’t feel like talking anymore..

work- is all i care about now.
i want to improve myself..
i dont mind having to work 2 weeks straight…
i just want to drain myself out..
so that there wont be any energy left for other things.