Why Do I Love You.

June 6, 2009

think this song reflects a lot on how i’m feeling right now..

Why Do I Love You By Westlife .. ( my all time favourite)

Suddenly shes
Suddenly the
Promise of love has gone
Breathing seems so hard to do

Carefully you
Planned it
I got to know just
A minute to late, oh girl
Now I understand it
All the times we
Made love together
Baby you were thinking of him

Why do I love you
Dont even want to
Why do I love you like I do
Like I always do
You shouldve told me
Why did you have to be untrue (love you like I do)
Why do I love you like I do

Aint gonna show no
Im gonna smile
And tell the whole world Im fine
Im gonna keep my senses
But deep down
When no one can hear me
Baby Ill be crying for you

Why do I love you
Dont even want to
Why do I love you like I do
Like I always do
You shouldve told me
Why did you have to be untrue (love you like I do)
Why do I love you like I do

Cant go back
Cant erase
Baby your smiling face oh no
I can think of nothing else but you

Why do I love you
Dont even want to
Why do I love you like I do
Like I always do
You shouldve told me
Why did you have to be untrue (love you like I do)
Why do I love you like I do

With Love,


i’m on pm shift this whole week except for wednesday..on course.
well, good that i can sleep at this hour and wake up slightly late and get allowance
but the bad are i will go home late..boring life..

having insomia? i dont know.
i guess i’m proud to say that i’m the strongest person i ever met.
i guess someone have to teach me how to cry…

haha, okay im to R.O.C now.. relac one corner. and just stone till i get sleepy…

please believe me for these words i say are true
and don’t deny me a lifetime loving you
and if you ask, will i be true? And do i give my all to you?
then i will say i do.

With Love,

i want to be happy with all my heart…
i want to be really cheerful, just like how i used to be.

it really feels terrible..
having to bring a heavy heart to work, and yet putting on a wide smile for 8+ hours..
having to learn to put personal issues aside,
having to hold back my tears..
and when it’s time to go home..
i really feel so lonely and empty..

i really don’t feel like talking anymore..

work- is all i care about now.
i want to improve myself..
i dont mind having to work 2 weeks straight…
i just want to drain myself out..
so that there wont be any energy left for other things.

registered nurse.

April 6, 2009

haha. i know.. i know what bettina wants to say.  finally, the cobwebs and the spiders are gone.


so 2 months of holidays are over.
and now… i’m going into a new chapter of my life..

i really wonder if  i can make it. i’m really doubting myself.
somehow, whenever i put on the uniform.. i just feel so burden, fearful….
everything i do, i’m accountable for it. and that feeling sucks.

so it’s my first day of orientation.
CI Lian Xia welcomed me with such a cheerful smile! haha.. i like her. she’s nice and cheerful..haha.
yupp. so when i looked on the board to check where im being posted to.. i saw 12D. hmmm not much of a happy feeling but rather, i feel that i’m safe. cos at least im back to my prcp ward, im familiar.

anyway, i really hope everything goes well and that by 10 years down the road..
i’ll be able to acheive what i want.

Oh yes, i’m happy to see Loretta today. 🙂 as well as hanisah, my honey star. *winks.

i think it would be so much better if Loretta and I are in the same working area.

well maybe i should just start thinking about the positive side.. and just work hard.
and like what SN Karen said to us today, whatever we do, think of the rationale. why are we doing this?  if the rationale is there, you will not go out of track.

With Love,

Loving & Forgiving Are You.

December 20, 2008

hello all..

it’s been a long time since i last blogged. heex.

alright, went for Jason&Anne’s wedding today. sweetsweetsweet! once again, CONGRATS! God Bless the both for you! :))

Saw Camillus, BoQuan, Jonathan today at the wedding. It’s been such a long time since i last saw them as well. After the wedding mass, went down to ycs end of year camp together.and we all, the tertiary ppl, had a chit chat session. it was great talking to you guys and it really brings back a lot of wonderful memories i had with you guys. seriously, the friends i made in ycs are really the people i love and i will not forget.

finally have my off after working for 7 days straight. it was so tiring. especially when i had only 1 afternoon and the rest of my days are morning.even afternoon shift was busy … so far, my attachment is still going well. already getting the hang of it.. but of cos, there’s always something new each day for me to learn. haha..

nothing much to update.. hmm, xmas is coming.. and i can’t wait to celebrate xmas! but the dress that i bought online from F21 is like so freaking loose.. and i doubt i can wear it for xmas :((

Loving & Forgiving

Loving and forgiving are You, Oh Lord.
Slow to anger, Rich in Kindness
Loving and forgiving are You.

All my being, bless the Lord
Bless the holy name of  God
All my being, Bless the Lord
Remembering the Goodness of God

God forgives us all our sins
Healing those who live in pain
Saving us from final death
God fills us with goodness and love

Good and gracious is the Lord
Slow to anger, Rich in love
God remembers not our sins
Forgiving and loving is God

As Heaven soars above the earth
So great the love for God for us
As far as  east is from the west
The Lord takes our sins from us

With Love,

Gonna Strive hard…

November 4, 2008

hey all.
i’m back again to bloggg!

Okay, so friday was my last day of attachment at ward 9C. And now, i’m having my 1 week break.
So i’m gonna make full use of it by enjoying and also at the same time, recap on orthopedics stuff because i’m posted to an orthopedic ward. it’s not my cup of tea but since i’m there, i’m gonna tell myself that i’ve got to learn to like it! and also, i think, at the moment, there’s only 1 thing that motivates me to work hard in the ward is getting the chance to go ICU. so desiree, AZA AZA FIGHTING!
& to james, i know you also didn’t get your favourite choice but no matter, work hard as well!
And to all, ALL THE BEST FOR PRCP and pls, take good care of your body and if in stresss, pls talk it out or find a way to relax yourself. i’m sure everyone is gonna do well.

Monday- Spent my day with my Lamer’s Clique! ahah, gosh! i had so much fun and i really hope you guys had fun too! so as usual, when all of us gather, everyone just talk non stop and of cos, take many pictures like there’s no tmr! haha! went e2max and watch movie and we also went to take neoprints! so cute right? haha, pictures can go facebook to see! or you could go to bettina’s blog. will not elaborate further as you can read from her blog as well! ahhahaah! bettina is the editor of the club, i would say. ahhaah!
the girls wanted to paint their nails but unforturnately, the person said the the manicurist and pedicurist aren’t free. :(((
met tim after that and we sat down and just chit chat and had chocolate tgt. :))

Tuesday-woke up around noon time and slack at home.. met bestfriend in the evening to catch High School Musical. it’s a nice show.. and they are good at dancing. could see that they sure had fun filming the show and while watching, i was thinking how nice it would be if i could dance and sing with them as well! ahha. that would be so coooooooooool.:))

tomorrow, im going to send my bestfriend fernie off to korea! i wanna go too cos i dont want go prcp! hahhaha. anyway, enjoy yourself girl! when you come back, better study hard! hahaha. have a smooth trip there and back again! i’ll miss you. LOVE YOU GIRL! XOXO

and i can’t wait for thursday and friday cos i’m going sentosa to watch the 4-D magix and friday im going to nihonmura! wheee and of cos im going to see tim – that’s why im happy!

with love,


October 20, 2008

teacosy by Eclectic Attic, is a charming place where tim & i would definitely love to hang out whenever we have the time. It’s a vintage shop and there’s a cafe in it. Everything you see in this shop is for sale! Even the seats that you sit on for your tea is for sale! hahaha.. tim brought me there yesterday and the moment i stepped into the shop, i totally fell in love with it. it feels comfortable to be in there, quiet and peaceful.
Not just the deco that’s nice, the food is great! for me, i love my chocolate lovers taster! it has 2 almond chocolate biscuits with chocolate sauce, nutella gelato, and three chocolate cakes ! my gosh! heaven man! as for tim, he ordered his all time favourite, Foie Gras Taster. It’s goose liver and it’s nice. That’s Heaven for him. ahaha, plus, i think it is better to go there and drink tea instead of ice mocha or hot chocolate. too bad, i ordered Mocha. but anwyay, if you’re a tea person, you should go there! tim & i both enjoy drinking tea so it’s definitely a place for us. he had Rose Blossom Tea which smells good. Haha, he took out the rose buds out from the teabag and put it into my bottle and the person thought he ate it up! :/ hhaha, anyway, did i mention? the seat that i was sitting on, it’s a cow skin bench and it costs $1,080 ( if i never remember wrongly). hahaha! ex man! ahha.. anwyay, it’s really a nice place and i really want to go back there again!

and i’ll definitely order a cuppa tea!

Tim! let’s go back there soon!

Promise, will not frown when you choose not to go gelare!

‘Cos i know you bring me to nice and romantic places!

I Love You !

With Love,

woke up at 10am today.
TIm came over and after getting ready,
took a cab down to marine parade to have brunch – pork porridge!! yummy!
so long never get to eat my favourite pork porridge with youtiao!

After brunch, went to parkway and walked around to digest our food, wasted 6 bucks in the lousy arcade with stupid games and lousy machines.

Headed to ECP – tim cycled while i blade. Took some pictures – waiting for tim to send me on sunday.
blading is fun fun fun! haha, i had fun blading and i’m sure tim had fun cycling behind and beside me! hahaa..
We held each other hands while blading and cycling! haha, wanted him to blade too so can hold his hand.. but he didn’t want to- then he said, see! cycling also can hold you hand! hahaha..

After 2 hours of cycling & blading, we went to mac to have little snack – wasabi shaker fries. hmm not too bad but we still prefer the seaweed shaker friees!hahah…

Went to his church to wash up, but before that, chatted quite a while with aunt lynda ( should be spell correctly bah). she’s funny and friendly and she’s cute. haha…

Dinner at the same place but different dish. we had chicken rice! whee and chicken feet! after which, headed his home and it was really a long ride.. there were a lot of people, squeezing like mad. bus driver got irritated..and finally! got home and watch tv! ahaha.

tim is going back camp soon and i miss him badly. i feel so lonely.

first half of my day for tmr will be at SGH for this Mass Casualty Management. I wonder how is it like.. hope it’s fun – so i wont feel that it is a total waste of time cos im going to get up at 6.15am and that’s damn early! so they better not waste my time or i’ll eat up all their food! ( and that is if there’s reception, HUR!)

okay, going to sleep now.

timmy, hope you’re sleeping well now.. and take care alright? you look sick just now. drink lotsa water and Goodnight, my sweetheart! ❤ love!

With Love,

Memories That Remain..

October 9, 2008

alright. it’s been long since i’ve last blog. BETTINA! not doing her job. she supposed to remind me not to abandon my diary. ahh!

okay, having my one week break now. After two weeks of posting (A&E and OT). all i can say is it’s fun. as for OT, i would say that now at least i know what patients are going through behind the doors. ‘cos usually, in ward, you only get to send patient down to the reception area and fetch them back/wait for them to come back after op. so now, i’ve a complete picture of what the patient has gone through. Certain cases are quite sad such as below knee amputation..but some cases are interesting! haha, i’ve seen major cases like removing the kidney, gallbladder, appendix & blood clots in the IVC all at one shot. my gosh. the surgeons and the scrub nurse have to stand for like 5 hours?  And during my OT posting, i’ve manage to scrub a case ( better than nothing). wanted to scrub more but due to the large number of students and mostly, major cases, we’ve got to give chance. so yeah. it was a good experience being a scrub nurse but it wasnt good having to work with surgeon who likes to attract attention and trying to be COOL. my gosh. piss me off like mad. HUR!

okay so that’s a summary of my attachment. and of cos i was waiting for this week to come because it’s my break and it’s my first year anniversary with tim. ((:

yeah, so 071007 was the day !

we watched House Bunny – it was really funny. the girl is very funny, nice and quite dumb but very funny la.hahah. i still remember she said something like “i didn’t know that steam could be that hot” something like that. she looks like a doll to be cos her eyes like so huge.

after the movie, we walked around cos we’re waiting for 5.30pm to come cos we’re going to Paris International for BUFFET! haha. i think the only bad thing is i didnt like the dessert area. there isn’t much variety for the chocolate fondue and their cakes are not fantastic. BUT the food are great. the oysters are huge and nice, prawns, mussels.. (i’m hungry!), sashimi, tuna. okay one thing about the jap food is that there isnt much variety of sushi but for me is good enough because you get to whack the sashimi-that’s my favourite.  there’s western as well and chinese food. the salmon fried rice is nice, there’s chilli crab with the MANTOU! my favourite! there’s gyoza as well. ohoh, they also had this crocodile soup which i didn’ dare to eat but the soup was great. i think it’s worth the 45 bucks- that is if you eat like TIM. yeah. hahah! and i can’t wait to go back there again cos i want to eat more oysters and my mantou ! haha. and im freaking hungry now as i’m typing.

pictures time!

while waiting for movie…

Dinner @ Paris International

Singapore Flyer

yes.. that’s our beautiful special day! and thank you tim for treating me to take the flyer! it was of cos a very wonderful moment with you up there! and it was nice having dinner with you..the way you eat, every expression you give upon eating the food, whacking the seafood.. oh gosh. hope you dont get too fat! hahaha. thanks for the surprise though i guess it correctly! hhahahah.. and thank you for planning the day. next anniversary.. hmm stay tune alright? my turn to plan! i hope you like video i did for you. every year, you shall receive one .. on our wedding, we’ll take it out every single cd! hahah that is if i am able to burn it. haha! i love you. ((:

With love,